Introducing Replenish 3.0

The first fully customizable packaging platform for liquid concentrates


Replenish Founder, Jason Foster speaks with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation at D.I.F.
Fulfilling our pledge with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation of 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025!
Replenish Pods

The future of packaging has arrived

Replenish is a reusable, durable spray bottle that attaches to pods with liquid concentrates ranging from cleaning to personal care. The user screws the pod to the base of the spray bottle and pushes down to release the concentrate to the fill line on a built-in measuring cup. Water is added to the top of the bottle and the product is ready to use.


Customize your product with the Replenish technology

The Replenish bottling platform can be adapted to all different product offerings, allowing companies to white label under their own brand without any development costs and get to market faster with a complete reusable, concentrate-based solution.

Replenish Pods

The world has a plastic waste problem

The urgency to act on plastic pollution is now widely understood. Through the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, over 350 organizations have signed up to the vision of building a circular economy for plastics, explicitly acknowledging that we cannot simply recycle our way out of this issue, and that rethinking how we bring products to people without relying on disposable packaging is a crucial part of the solution.

Moving from single-use to reuse not only helps eliminate plastic waste and pollution but also, if done well, offers significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other negative externalities.

Plastic Waste Problems


Replenish wants to eliminate the waste of buying products in disposable plastic bottles

Many of the products we buy are 90% water, with only a small amount of active ingredients. Despite already having water in our homes, these products are packaged and shipped in disposable plastic bottles that are often used once and thrown away. This inefficiency in how products are sold and marketed to us not only waste money in manufacturing and shipping but creates billions of pounds of wasted plastic and energy for the environment.

Replenish Eliminates Waste

Benefits of Reuse Technology

Reusable packaging is a USD 10+ billion innovation opportunity that can deliver significant user and business benefits. Reuse models can help deliver a superior user experience, customize products to individual needs, build brand loyalty, optimize operations, and save overall manufacturing, shipping and consumer costs. It's convenient, has a better look and feel, and keeps customers coming back.

Replenish Pods

Reduce Shipping & Supply Costs

Businesses can reduce transportation and packaging costs by supplying products as refills, concentrates, tablets, etc. Users can benefit as refills can be cheaper to buy and easier to carry and/or store, compared to products sold in standard packaging.

Environmentally Friendly

1 pod makes 6 bottles – cutting the volume of plastic packaging by 90% and reducing transport costs. By adding water at home, families save money, companies reduce waste and the planet is a little cleaner.

Replenish Pods
Replenish Pods

Customizable Design

Any shape. Any size. Endless possibilities. The Replenish system can power a vast array of different consumer products and work across brands. The durable spray bottle that can be customized to personal preferences, enabling a new profitable model for e-commerce and direct to consumer brands.

Consumer Friendly

Users' individual needs can be accommodated with refill systems that allow them to mix flavors, add a desired fragrance or personalize the main packaging. User experience can be improved by enhancing the look, feel or functionality of reusable packaging.

Replenish Pods
Replenish Pods

Adapt to Company Needs

The Replenish bottling platform can be adapted to different product offerings, allowing companies to white label under their own brand without any development costs and get to market faster with a complete reusable, concentrate-based solution.

Build Brand Loyalty

Businesses can improve brand loyalty through refill subscriptions delivered directly to users. Users can benefit from higher convenience with automatic reordering.

Replenish Pods
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A beautiful new way to clean waste

The inspiration behind Replenish.

Jason Foster, our founder, was ironing his shirts one day when he realized that a large, clunky, disposable bottle of ironing spray was 90% water and less than 10% actual ingredients. In fact, Foster realized this was true for almost all the household products we love and buy everyday.

Foster envisioned a simple design that would turn a disposable bottle into a reusable tool for good, capable of eliminating waste and saving money.

Replenish Founder - Jason Foster

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